Thursday, October 21, 2010

KWV Rekindles Their Pioneering Spirit

A brand new development has recently been spotted amongst KWV's established production facilities in Paarl and it has nothing to do with brandy or wine - this is because KWV has opened their first on site cream liqueur production facility.

Wild Africa Cream Liqueur was acquired by KWV in February 2010, with the brand new production facilities following suit - officially opening on the 25th of August 2010. KWV, which has been responsible for the marketing and distribution of the brand in Africa for several years, will now take over the brand in its entirety in all global markets. This is a testimony of the company's pioneering spirit. KWV has been catering for matured, fine palates and accomplished connoisseurs since as early as 1918. Chiefly known as a pioneer in the South African wine and brandy business, KWV is now setting a new benchmark by expanding its portfolio to cater to consumers around the world who are looking for an exotic taste experience.

The decision to take on the brand was not only motivated by the brand's performance since launching in the international market 5 years ago, but also by African pride. Africa is a continent as rich with diverse cultures as it is with mystery. One of these captivating mysteries includes the exotic leopard with its reputation as the stealthiest predator afoot. You don't have to see the leopard to know it's there.

This award winning cream liqueur (Gold award at the 2005 ISC) is a tantalising blend of fresh cream, distilled spirit and caramel yielding a delectable, easy drinking exotic cream liqueur, encapsulated in packaging that is as bold and unforgettable as the taste experience in every glass.

The packaging incorporates an alluring, yet soft-to-the-touch leopard print coat that adds prominence in any setting. Through the tactility of the packaging, Wild Africa Cream aims to invoke the consumer to not only look at the bottle, but touch it - and while they're at it, they might as well enjoy a taste of the exotic - neat over ice, added to a speciality coffee, or even covering a scoop of vanilla ice-cream.

KWV acquires Wild Africa cream liqueur

The South African cream liqueur brand, Wild Africa, has been acquired by KWV to form part of the company's portfolio of international wine and spirits brands. Wild Africa was established by the Wild Cape Liqueurs company in 2001 and has since then created a global footprint and following with its unique product, packaging and marketing initiatives.
KWV, which has been responsible for the marketing and distribution of the brand in Africa for several years, will now take over the brand in its entirety in all global markets in this new ownership deal.

"KWV has a growth strategy with a strong focus on brands and commercialisation," KWV CEO Thys Loubser explains. "What attracted us to this brand is its unique, African appeal, which fits well with KWV's existing portfolio and geographical focus. We expect our highest returns on the brand to come from South Africa, Africa and Europe."

This move follows on KWV's acquisition of the Golden Kaan brand in August last year.
"The African image of Wild Africa cream complements the images of KWV-owned brands such as Golden Kaan and Imoya, which are already featuring the continent as an exotic origin and destination in their marketing."

Loubser also adds: "Wild Africa has great growth potential in a category that is globally performing above average and is geared to continue growing strongly on a compounded basis." Wild Africa will furthermore complement KWV's other cream liqueur, Van der Hum, which has a distinct positioning and following, especially in the local market.

According to Wild Cape Liqueurs Financial Director, Jacques van Litsenborgh, "a focused marketing and brand building effort from the small, but passionate management team has seen Wild Africa become one of the fastest growing brands worldwide in the premium cream liqueur sector. We believe that KWV has the ability to build on this and make the Wild Africa brand one of the top premium cream liqueurs in the world. We wish them success in doing so."

KWV plans to integrate the production operations of Wild Africa with its current operations. The liqueur's production facilities will be relocated from Somerset West to Paarl within the next eight months.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Showing off at Cultivaria 2009

Cultivaria is one of the fastest growing festivals in South Africa. The fourth edition of this ever-increasingly popular Paarl festival took place from the 23rd to the 27th of September 2009.

Wild Africa Cream was there to display their smooth liqueur products at Cultivaria 2009. The Wild Africa Cream stand turned a lot of heads, generating good feedback and creating well-deserved brand awareness.

The Cultivaria Festival hosts some of the country's greatest live entertainment, ranging from theatre and music to dance and comedy.

Monday, August 3, 2009

The leopard roams the field

The Drinks Business Magazine has praised Wild Africa Cream in their June 2009 issue. The article deals with how we have grown as a brand, and is entitled, Spot On.

The cubs follow suit

Wild Africa Cream celebrated the birth of their miniature cubs by providing their favourite publications with gift packs containing these small bottles of wildness. They are too cute to be ignored and have been spotted in the following magazines:

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Designing ways to unleash your wild side

Wild Africa Cream Liqueur's advertising campaign is featured in the April 2009 issue of Designing Ways Magazine.

The Unleash your wild side campaign, created by Tomcat Advertising Agency (Pty) Ltd, communicates that Wild Africa Cream is an unpretentious brand and not afraid to show its skin.

Read the whole article in Designing Ways Magazine.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Wild Africa Cream gets Eastern Exposure

Wild Africa Cream exports to numerous countries worldwide, and has recently released their wild side in Tapei. A Wild Africa Cream promotional party was held on Friday, the 13th of March 2009. The only people out of luck, were the ones not attending this wild promotional party... The receptive party goers were all smiles and gave very positive feedback on Wild Africa Cream's ultra smooth, silky caramel taste.